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The Presbyterian Church takes its name from the New Testament Greek word for "Elder": presbuteros. It describes the way the church is governed, with oversight resting on elected bodies at the congregational, regional and national levels.

The governing group in each congregation is called the Session, a body made up of men and women known as "Elders" who have been "set apart" by election and ordination into a supervisory role.  The Session meets monthly to conduct the business of the church. 

Elders generally serve for staggered three-year terms, with a third of the Session elected each year.  Ordination is a for-life designation.  Past Elders are part of a group called - collequially - the College of Elders.

                    Book of Confessions                    Book of Order

Class of 2017:

  • Jason Arnold - Moderator of Christian Education
  • Aileen Howard - Moderator of Worship & Religious Arts and Pre-K Board
  • Ron Kaitchuck 
  • John Linder - Moderator of Building and Personnel
  • Charlie Sursa - Moderator of Mission and Outreach and Stewardship
  • Julia Wadsworth 

Class of 2018:

  • Jacqueline Burton - Moderator of Technology
  • Mike McCauley
  • Janie Miller
  • Nancy Swickard
  • Bob Wadsworth - Moderator of Fellowship/Spiritual Growth

Class of 2019:

  • Rick Bosworth
  • Jeff Clinger
  • Sue Desmond
  • John Foster
  • Jon Moll
  • Jonathan Schmidt - Moderator of Grounds
  • Lynn Schmidt

Clerk of Session - Clara Rice