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Upcoming Events

October 1              9:45—Sunday School  - Youth Hall

October 8             9:45—Sunday School—Youth Hall


More information coming soon - SAVE THE DATE!

October 15           9:45—Sunday School—Youth Hall

October 22          9:45—Sunday School—Youth Hall

October 29          9:45—Sunday School—Youth Hall

5:00—7:00—PUMPKIN CARVING—Youth Hall

Bring a pumpkin to carve and a friend! We'll get creative and have a contest at the end to vote on the best design! 

November 5         9:45—Sunday School—Youth Hall

5:00– 7:00 pm—PRE-K SUNDAY PREP

Get ready to get dirty! We'll be working on the final stages of our set design for PRE-K Sunday.  Location TBA

November 11            5:00 pm—LOCK IN

We'll do the final prep for the set design for PRE-K Sunday then celebrate that its done (WHEW!) Bring a friend, the stuff you'll need to spend the night at the church and lots of energy!

November 12      9:45—Sunday School—Youth Hall

11:00—PRE-K Sunday Program


If you have questions, please contact Jacqueline or Aaron Burton (765) 748-7450