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Join us for a 5-week series to study business ethics and how to apply faith-based ethical decision making in the workplace led by Dr. Chuck Horvath.

Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Registration is required for this course.  Direct links to zoom sessions will be sent out via email. Pre recorded sessions will be posted below after the completion of the course. 

Click here to view a welcome video from Dr. Chuck Horvath


June 1st: Life Roles: Christian & Otherwise download supporting documents by clicking here

Balancing life roles of business manager/owner, spouse, citizen with Christian roles of disciple, ambassador, & steward


June 8th: Ethics: Christian and Otherwise
Discussing how ethics are essential for a healthy society and God’s ethical guidelines

June 15th: Business in Society
There is a difference in maximizing profits and creating goods and services to generate wealth.  Explore the differences and what the Bible discusses on the topic

June 22nd: Organizational Ethics
How do we please both God and boss/stakeholders?  Look at the “micro-ethics” of management and the difference between “power over” people to “authority from”

June 29th: Motivation: Christian & Otherwise
Every management course discusses motivation – and do not include ethics as a motivator.  Discuss here how ethics can motivate and where Christian vales play a role in that process