holy grounds

holy grounds december
The First Holy Ground event was held on September 19, 2020
In Exodus 3, we read about Moses who is tending the sheep in the wilderness when something catches his eye. He sees a bush that is on fire, and he feels like he must go and investigate. As Moses drew near, the voice of God calls out his name, "Moses, Moses." And then God continues, "Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground." 
holy grounds artworkFor so many of us, we have been lost in the wilderness of this moment, of this pandemic. We have been tending our sheep, minding our business, many of us lonely and missing the connection with friends and our community. We need a burning bush, a holy fire, a voice calling us to take off our shoes and stand on holy ground.
First Presbyterian Church will be hosting a fellowship event out here on the beautiful grounds of the church. We will have activities for people to engage in and opportunities that we might express the holy ground we have encountered over the past few months or what holy ground might look like as we go forward together.
holy grounds artwork 2We hope everyone will feel welcome, old and young, single or in a group. Bring your mask and bring a chair and enjoy an afternoon with the church family of First Presbyterian Church. Draw a picture (even if you aren't a great artist). Write a poem or short story (even if writing isn't your favorite activity). Most importantly, feel the social connection of being part of the Body of Christ, gathered on our church grounds. Who knows, maybe you will find your holy ground in that moment.